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Guy Coulombe and his son René carry on today the company founded by Emmanuel Coulombe in 1939. He is employed by J-A. Comeau in the early 1930s, which then operated several businesses. In 1939, Emmanuel acquired the tire and heating oil delivery business located at 226 rue Principale. The new company will bear the name of Comeau et Coulombe Enr.

In 1952, Emmanuel's son, Guy Coulombe, joined the company. Three years later, Emmanuel bought Mr. Comeau's shares along with his son, forming the new company Coulombe et Fils Inc.

The site on Principale Street quickly becomes cramped due to increased traffic. In 1958, the Coulombe acquired land at 226 Robinson Sud in Granby to establish their business. Retail gasoline is then added to tires and heating oil. It was from this moment that the Coulombe joined the great Shell family with whom they are still associated today.

In the early 1970s, the Coulombe bought a property near their business and built a warehouse there for tires and trucks. In 1972, Guy Coulombe acquired all of the company’s shares, two years before Emmanuel’s death.

In 1983, the company entered an era of expansion. The Coulombe become a Shell reseller for Granby and obtain an exclusive franchise for bulk products. This is what would launch them more in the delivery of petroleum products.

The following year, René Coulombe became involved in the family business after completing his studies in administration in the United States. At the same time, Les Pétroles Coulombe succeeded in buying several properties adjoining their business.

In 1985, the company built an ultra-modern self-service station there that would include a Boni-Soir convenience store. René will be mainly in charge of this project, as well as Guy's wife, Raymonde, who will help out with accounting and computer services.

However, the three side-by-side businesses start to become very overwhelming for the Coulombe. Faced with health reasons, Guy Coulombe reluctantly resigned himself to abandoning his tire business because some employees had worked there for many years. From then on, he intended to concentrate his energies on the sale of petroleum products.

Towards the end of 1980, the company experienced sustained expansion by acquiring several Shell dealers in the Granby region. Towards the end of the 1990s, they bought two independent distributors in Granby, which consolidated the local market.

These acquisitions allow them to serve new regions but also to offer new products: diesel, gasoline, all Shell lubricants for industries, businesses and farms, in addition to heating oil.

Today the Robinson Street business includes 12 trucks and employs 24 people, some of whom have worked there for many years including Alain Lacroix, 26, delivery man and Huguette Delorme, 36, accountant.

According to Guy Coulombe, it is the excellence of the service that has enabled his company to survive the different eras while continuing to grow well.

We provide personalized service,” he says. When a customer has a problem, it gets resolved very quickly.

A service that has been crowned many times, whether by Shell Canada thanks to its Quality-Satisfaction program or by the Granby Chamber of Commerce with its Mérite-Action Investment award in 1986.

Coulombe et Fils petroleum is a company firmly focused on the future. The Coulombe are also not ruling out new acquisitions to further develop their business.